Meeting Facilitation

Alf Nucifora, Chairman of NCG, is an experienced meeting facilitator and focus group moderator having worked on behalf of some of the nation’s leading organizations including Barclay’s Global Investors, Deloitte, The Kroger Company, Turner Broadcasting, American Business Association and The Coca-Cola Company. Most meetings involve an inordinate amount of waste due to poor planning and facilitation, but NCG can maximize the productivity of key planning and evaluation sessions. Clients’ meetings are led by a skilled facilitator, who will expose organizational dynamics; encourage individual and group responses; articulate and organize relevant issues; and efficiently move the group toward consensus in a non-political environment.
An NCG Meeting Facilitation package often includes:

  • An initial brainstorming session to establish guidelines and set goals
  • Meeting preparation, including facilities and logistics
  • Meeting facilitation
  • A follow-up report of key discussion points and resolutions

A major, cross-divisional meeting had been scheduled by one of the airline industry’s top four competitors. Never been done before, this meeting would be the first opportunity for representatives from more than 20 departments to join minds in a single planning session. Given the importance of this precedence-setting meeting, there would be no room for trial and error. Nucifora Consulting Group planned and facilitated the session, seeing to it that the agenda was efficiently, effectively and completely addressed.

We developed Business Boot Camp in response to clients’ requests for high-quality training and seminar programs focusing on selling techniques, marketing strategies and professional development. Business Boot Camp is modular, so it can be tailored to suit your particular specifications. We can easily accommodate a half-day, full-day or multi-day schedule, and our sessions can be customized for senior management, staff or even key clients.

Perhaps the best feature is that Business Boot Camp is completely turnkey … we’ll handle all of the details. Simply choose from the following topics:

  • Relationship Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Customer Service
  • Promoting and Marketing Your Firm
  • Account Management
  • New Business Development
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
  • Sales Techniques
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Corporate Retreats & Team Building

We are also able to arrange for additional topics through guest trainers. In addition to leading the session, we can prepare the agenda, arrange the facilities and supervise the logistics. Many of the modules also come with supplementary materials, such as handouts, books, videos and audio cassettes (supplemental materials are subject to availability).

Nucifora Consulting Group delivered a training module for the sales and service representatives of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturer of commercial and residential water heaters. Attendees reviewed the importance of customer service and how consultative selling can be used to improve sales and customer relationships in a price sensitive industry. They also discussed the significance of customers’ “lifetime value,” and practical tips on how to maximize this value. At the end of the seminar, participants were given the opportunity to apply what they had learned by working together on customized exercises prepared and facilitated by NCG. The training session was so successful that it was reproduced for other functional divisions, and is now a regular component of the company’s annual sales meeting.