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Alf's Articles — Archives


10 Steps To Reaching The Next Level 08/25/06
Concierge Services Now Moving From Hotel To Mainstream 08/11/06
Why I Admire Women 07/28/06
Alphas Of Real Estate Reveal Their Secrets 07/14/06
Learning To Sell The Sizzle And The Sell 06/30/06
If You Don't Know About SEO, You're DEAD! 06/02/06
It's Official! Trading Down Is The New Cool 05/19/06
An Inside View Of China And Its 1.3 Billion Marketing Opportunities 05/05/06
Never Underestimate The Power Of "Who You Know" 04/21/06
For General Motors, A Fond Good Bye! Here's Why 04/07/06
Deconstructing The Debacle Behind Delta's Demise 03/24/06
Why Is Being A Customer So Painful? 03/10/06
Marketers To Confront A Brave New Marketing World 02/24/06
You Lost A Customer But Never Knew It 02/10/06
More Than Ever, First Impressions Still Count 01/27/06
SCORE Troops Score Top Marks As Business Advisors 01/13/06
New Year's Resolution? How About Dignity And Good Manners 12/30/05
AdWords Leads The Way To More Effective Leads 12/16/05
Is Creativity Dead? 12/02/05
Are Sales And Marketing Bringing Home The Bacon? 11/18/05
Boomer Growth Means Boom Times For Franchising 11/04/05
God And The Art Of Office Supply Sales 10/21/05
Will You Please Shut Up And Listen! 10/07/05
Why The Luxury Market Continues To Roar 09/23/05
Katrina Through A Marketer's Eyes 09/09/05
Referrals Still The # 1 Door Opener 08/26/05
How To Exploit PR… In 30 Easy Steps 07/29/05
Is Your Website Showing Signs Of Age? 07/08/05
It's Time To Rebel Against Unproductive Meetings 06/24/05
Tourism's On The March Again! 06/10/05
If Only Marketers Ruled The World 05/27/05
How To Tell If Your Best Customer Still Loves You 05/13/05
The Voice Always Gives You Away 04/29/05
Why The Phone Is Still The Salesperson's Best Friend 04/15/05
Marketing Leaders Are Made, Not Born 04/01/05
It's Time To Kill The Mistaken Stereotype Of The Mid-life Male 03/18/05
For The New Traveler It's The Chow As Much As The Show 03/04/05
Marketing Solutions For The Beleaguered Not-For-Profit 02/18/05
Say Goodbye To Boorish Business Behavior 02/04/05
Aging Boomers Bloom Despite Marketing Shun 01/21/05
Slicing And Dicing The World Of Slice And Dice 01/07/05
The Name Of The Game Is Finding The Right Name 12/24/04
Marketing A Match Made Online 12/10/04
Fido Now A Top Dog In Marketing 11/26/04
Finding A Home For The Homeless SOHO 11/12/04
Sirius Gets Serious in Its Pursuit of the Radio Listener 10/29/04
Rolling The Dice On Email Lists 10/15/04
Consumers Can't Resist the Lure of Luxury 10/01/04
Learn the Lessons of the Brand Leaders 09/17/04
Steals and Deals Find a Home Online 09/03/04
Customers Can't Get No Respect 08/20/04
Think "Pink" As A Color, Not A Strategy 08/06/04
Is It A Vision Or A Mission? A Goal Or An Objective? 07/23/04
Careers Enhanced With A Nip And Tuck 07/09/04
Why JetBlue Went From Take-Off To High Flier 06/25/04
Tips For Investing In Outside Expertise 06/11/04
The Agony and Ecstasy of Buying a Laptop Computer 05/28/04
Trademarks…The Answer to Unprotected Marketing 05/21/04
Beware the Subtle Signs of Brand Decay 05/17/04
Sub chain scores hit with unconventional ad torpedo 04/16/04
Tips for Creating a Well-Rounded Retail Marketing Plan 03/29/04
Internet Search Delivers Customers on a Silver Platter 03/12/04
Musings on the Theme of Life (with a hint of Marketing) 03/05/04
Schmoozing Media Is An Acquired Skill 02/20/04
Networking Moves from the Mixer to the Web 02/06/04
I wish I'd done that! 01/23/04
Strip Waste from Your Collaterals Spending 01/09/04
Rue the Day When Technology Replaces Touch 12/12/03
Dispatches from the Retail Frontlines 11/28/03
All The Best Firms Are Blogging ... Are You? 11/14/03
So You Want to Be in Retail? Here's the Scoop 10/24/03
Because Consumers Care, They Spend 10/10/03
Apply Savvy To Internal Communications 09/26/03
Ubiquitous Voicemail is Still a Turn-Off 09/12/03
How Can You Mend a Broken Brand? 08/22/03
Age Before Beauty 08/08/03
Ethics and Profit: Oil and Water? 07/25/03
Sales and Marketing Win Big with Online Gaming 07/11/03
Capture the Idle Mind with Online High Jinks 06/27/03
Web Conferencing Saves Time, Money 06/13/03
Spam Winning the Battle, But Not the War 05/23/03
"I Want My ROI!" And Other Marketing Mandates 05/09/03
A Place Where The CEO Can Let It All Hang Out 04/25/03
Patriotism Sells…Or Does It? 04/11/03
When Marketing Is Attracted To The Dark Side 03/28/03
WANTED: Business People Who Have Dignity And Good Manners 03/14/03
Design Your Way To Smart Marketing Plan 02/28/03
Valentine's Tales with No Happy Endings 02/14/03
The Next Big Market: Hispanic-Americans 01/27/03
Let's give it up for the customer 01/13/03
An Un-Jolly Holiday Shopping Season for Retailers 12/30/02
Get The Who, What and Why of Small Business 12/16/02
Keep Up With The Buzz On Buzz Marketing 12/02/02
Watch For Signs of a Waning Brand 11/18/02
Economy To Put Squeeze On Marketing In '03 11/04/02
Benefits Of Web Surveying Add Up 10/21/02
Budget In the Three A's For Successful Marketing 10/07/02
Don't Let Customer Service Problems Fester 09/23/02
Easy Marketing Ideas That Make (Common) Sense 09/09/02
Climb Aboard The E-Commerce Bandwagon 08/26/02
It's Time For Sales, Marketing To Get Lean 08/12/02
Budget Time To Nurture Your Web Site 07/29/02
Let Creativity Flow 07/15/02
Grab A Slice Of The Government Pie 07/01/02
Recognize The Power Of Your Brand 06/17/02
Let Your Fingers Do The Walking, Typing 06/03/02
Slump Sparks New Interest In Franchising 05/20/02
Conquer The Day With E-Mail Marketing 04/22/02
Handling A Crisis Could Make Or Break You 05/06/02
PR Makes A Better Brand Instigator 04/08/02
Hear This! Good Listeners Make Good Marketers 03/22/02
Are Sales & Marketing Bringing Home The Bacon 03/08/02
Brandicide Expert Warns About Lost Opportunity 02/22/02
Bad Service Incites Customer Revolt 02/08/02
Very First Impression as Brand Pheromone 01/25/02
Effective Rainmakers Can Make It Pour Sales 01/14/02
You, Too, Can Be More Creative 12/21/01
Beat The Recession By Going Back To Basics 12/07/01
Tantalizing Teen Trends 11/23/01
Productive Meetings Demand A Code Of Conduct 11/09/01
Mitigate Business Disaster With A Recovery Plan 10/26/01
Trap More Web Visitors With Smarter Spiders 10/12/01
Tuesday, September 11... What the Marketer Saw 09/28/01
Advice to Marketers 09/14/01
As Virtual Teaming Arrives, Discipline Still an Essential 08/31/01
The Franchising Industry Continues to Heighten 08/17/01
A Marketing Leader is Made of Life's Experiences 08/03/01
Take Notice of Trends Before They Become Apparent 07/20/01
Now Is The time For All to Recommit to Business Vows 07/06/01
Luxury Buyer is Still Hot Prospect in Volatile Times 06/22/01
Stay Abreast of Changes to Grab Market Share 06/08/01
Instead of Reducing Prices, Offer More Services 05/25/01
Downturn Brings Opportunities Along With Risks 05/11/01
Up-to-Date Database Helps Business Stay on Point 04/27/01
Cubans, American Businesses Hurt by U.S. Embargo 04/13/01
International Visit Without the Western Influence 03/30/01
Technology Need Not Eliminate Common Courtesy 03/16/01
Attention, Chad Has Left the Building 03/02/01
Marketing on the Web is not Just For the Big Boys 02/16/01
Rake in the Deal With Balance of Art & Science 02/02/01
Get Creative and Form That Marketing Partnership 01/19/01
Recognize the Trends or Lose on the Market 01/05/01
Small Business Rules 12/15/00
'Tis the Time to Ignite That Lost Retail Spark 12/01/00
Get Big Results From Small Ad Budget 11/17/00
Make The Network Work For Your Business 11/03/00
Strategy Essential For Making Good Ads 10/20/00
A Brand Is a Terrible Thing to Waste 10/06/00
Getting Back to Marketing Basics 09/22/00
Internet is Revolutionizing Use of Focus Groups 09/08/00
E-mail Newsletter Update: It's Almost ready 08/25/00
Experiencing it More, Enjoying it Less and Less 08/11/00
Immutable Laws For a Mutable Internet 07/28/00
How Clean is Your Marketing Conscience? Test it. 07/14/00
Sydney Makes a Good First Impression 06/30/00
Creating An E-mail Newsletter: Getting Started 06/16/00
Observations: A Report From the Marketing Front 05/30/00
What I've Learned About Marketing and Life 05/19/00
Find Success With Free 'Word-of-Net' Marketing 05/05/00
Resolve Customer Service Problems Like a Fighter Pilot 04/21/00
Convey Message Through E-mail Etiquette 04/07/00
Small Businesses Also Needs Positive PR 03/24/00
After Boomers and X's, Here Come the Y's 03/10/00
Ethical Marketing: Myth or Reality? 02/25/00
Best and Worst of Super Bowl Ads 02/11/00
B2B Is Biggest Online Opportunity 01/28/00
Marketing Globally, With Some Italian Elan 01/14/00
The Marketing Envelope Please! 12/31/99

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