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Nothing focuses the mind like an economic downturn. All of a sudden we are forced to focus our attention on the basics... keeping our existing customers happy, growing the business, increasing revenue and profitability while reducing overhead and expense. This is the time when marketing shines and there is no one better at training your sales and marketing people or reminding your customers about the value that you provide than Alf Nucifora. He has spoken to more than 500 companies and associations around the world on these very subjects and he is available to do it for you.

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Alf's Speech Topics

The following is a comprehensive list of speeches that Alf Nucifora delivers. Speeches will be customized upon request to fit the specific needs of your organization. If you would like Alf to develop a speech on a particular topic not included here, he will be happy to do so.

  1. Inside the Mind of the Luxury Customer
    Commencing with the recession of 2008, luxury buyers attached padlocks to their wallets and credit cards as they slashed spending of all types from autos to accessories, trinkets to travel, home remodeling to philanthropy. Although declining investment portfolios were part of the root cause, much of the cut-back was tied to psychological factors beyond the control of even the most adroit marketer. In this compelling presentation, Alf Nucifora takes us inside the mind of the today's affluent consumer as he details the trends driving the category and delivers a roadmap for better understanding this complicated consumer, with a psyche to match.
  2. Passion and The Big Picture — As service quality continues to decline, service mediocrity maintains its beachhead on the shores of American business. In this lively address, Alf Nucifora views the service experience through the eyes of a jaded consumer, discusses the decline in service quality, illustrates the need for a renewed sense of excellence and reveals the tactics for achieving that excellence.

  3. Promoting and Marketing Your Firm — A master of the art of promoting business, Alf's successful strategies and tactics will transform the way you do business. Among the topics: Critical tips for promoting your firm; PR for effective self-promotion; and a long-term new business solicitation plan.

  4. The New Business Rat Race ... How To Cross The Finish Line First — The key to business growth is being consistently successful in today's highly competitive new business rat race. You can cross the finish line first. What are the secrets to winning new clients? Get solid tips on business development strategies. Learn how to read the client's business and personality, how to develop the essential elements of effective selling and how to set your company and your product apart from the pack.

  5. Profiling the New Leader — As we enter the new millennium, the need for vision and leadership becomes a necessity, in business, politics, family and life itself. But the traditional leadership paradigm has changed from the hierarchical autocrat, to the consensus team-builder, to the rare new leader of 2000 and beyond who understands the continually shifting and volatile needs, desires, fears and aspirations of the 21st century worker and citizen. Alf explains the new leadership paradigm, tells you what the "new" leader looks like and how he/she will inspire a following.

  6. The Art and Profitable Rewards of Relationship Selling — In today's battle for consumer loyalty, it isn't enough to simply build your brand. Alf Nucifora is one of the nation's leading experts on personal marketing and sales techniques. Let him show you how to nurture a profitable and long-standing relationship with your customers and build the kind of sustaining alliances that will help turn a profit.

  7. Time to Make a Change...A Manager's Guide to Implementing Change Successfully — Competitive organizations of the millennium face change at every turn. Corporate restructuring, TQM processes and new technologies are a few of the forces that challenge today's managers to make swift adjustments, without disrupting the normal business flow. Alf Nucifora, recognized for his ability to facilitate change and inspire action, discusses the factors that separate the winners from losers. Learn what will happen if change is not managed properly, what three primary roles must be assigned before change can be attempted, and why the people who make up your organization are the keys to implementing change successfully.

  8. Characteristics Of A Well-Run Account ... From An Account Executive's Point Of View — All the tricks of the trade and much more in terms of managing a client's business. Learn how to sell your clients what they need rather than simply what they want. Valuable tips on how to be a partner to your clients and not just a vendor. Win your client's confidence and help nurture a profitable and long-standing client/provider relationship.

Alf Nucifora has given speeches and conducted training seminars (1,000+) for more than 400 companies, associations and organizations, including the following:

Commercial Organizations

Advertising Age
Adweek Seminars
American Bus Association
Atlanta Braves
Auburn University
Builder Marts of America
Certified Angus Beef
Cox Enterprises
Delta Airlines
Domino's Pizza
Exxon Company, USA
Heidrick & Struggles
Hewlett Packard
Honda Power Equipment
Hyatt Hotels
Internal Revenue Service
Purina Company
Red Lobster
Rheem Manufacturing Company
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Sara Lee Corp.
Tennessee Valley Authority
The Coca-Cola Company

Professional Associations and Organizations

American Cancer Society
American Chamber of Commerce Executives
American Hardware Manufacturers’ Association
American Marketing Association
American Newspaper Publishing Association
American Women in Radio and Television
Convention & Visitors Bureaus for Atlanta, Baltimore, Nashville
and Wichita Colorado Tourism Board
Colorado Tourism Board
Florida Association of Retailers
Georgia Department of Tourism
Greyhound Track Owners’ Association
International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
International Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives (INAME)
Major Market Radio
Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)
Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI)
Professional Photographers of America
Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)
Sales and Marketing Executives (SME)
Service Corp. of Retires Executives (SCORE)
Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)

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